Industry Wales is, with its specialist aerospace, automotive and electronics, software and technology forums, helping to grow Welsh technology and manufacturing businesses, globally.
The forums, with a combined membership of approaching 400 leading Welsh companies, provide a range of services to support companies already established within Wales and to attract and support companies that are seeking a world class location for their business.

Led by the private sector and working closely with the Welsh Government, sector panels and other bodies, Industry Wales is focussed on the following key areas that need to be addressed to continue to achieve sustained, profitable growth in the economy:

  • Innovation
  • Investment
  • Skills
  • Supply Chain capability and reach
  • Integration with UK and European wide programmes

The capability that exists within the Welsh technology and manufacturing sectors is wide ranging and globally competitive and Industry Wales is working on expanding the reach of these businesses.

Aerospace Wales

The Aerospace Wales Forum is the trade association for all companies operating in the Aerospace & Defence sector in Wales and exists to provide the best service we can to assist our members by promoting your company in our capabilities database and giving you access to events, networking opportunities and industry expertise.

Welsh Automotive Forum

The Welsh Automotive Forum represents component suppliers in Wales who provide parts for the world's vehicle makers.

The Forum showcases its member's products and abilities at international events and campaigns or lobbies on their behalf on local, national and international platforms.


Created in 2011, the ESTnet is a network of technology organisations whose members design, develop, manufacture or integrate electronic and software technologies.

Brexit: We Need to Get Ready

Ahead of today’s vote in the House of Commons and the potential defeat of the Prime Minister’s proposed withdrawal agreement, there is a very real and urgent need for all businesses in Wales to prepare for Brexit including the now increased possibility of a no-deal outcome.


Alongside the First Minister, I am absolutely committed to doing everything I can to support you and your business with your preparations. I want to reassure you that as a Welsh Government, we continue to take responsible and proactive steps to plan and prepare including putting contingencies in place in the event of a no-deal.


I also want to re-iterate the package of measures that I have already put in place to help with your business critical preparations. If you haven’t already done so, I would strongly urge you to:

With only 73 days to go, time is now very much of the essence. We need to plan, adjust and innovate to make sure that businesses in Wales are well prepared regardless of what the outcome on the 29th March will be.


Yours sincerely 

Ken Skates AC/AM

Gweinidog yr Economi a Thrafnidiaeth / Minister for Economy and Transport

Brexit: Mae angen i ni baratoi

Cyn pleidlais heddiw yn Nhŷ'r Cyffredin ac yn sgil y ffaith y gallai cytundeb ymadael arfaethedig y Prif Weinidog gael ei drechu, mae'n bwysicach nag erioed fod busnesau yng Nghymru'n mynd ati ar unwaith i baratoi ar gyfer Brexit. Mae ymadael heb gytundeb bellach yn fwy tebygol.


Rwyf i, yn ogystal â'r Prif Weinidog, yn llwyr ymrwymedig i wneud popeth posibl i'ch cefnogi chi a'ch busnes â'ch paratoadau. Hoffwn eich sicrhau bod Llywodraeth Cymru'n parhau i gymryd camau cyfrifol a rhagweithiol er mwyn cynllunio a pharatoi, gan gynnwys gwneud cynlluniau wrth gefn rhag ofn na fydd unrhyw gytundeb.


Hoffwn hefyd dynnu sylw at y pecyn o fesurau yr wyf eisoes wedi'i greu a fydd yn helpu eich busnes â'r paratoadau busnes allweddol. Rwy'n argymell yn gryf eich bod yn gwneud y canlynol:

  • Ewch i Borthol Brexit Busnes Cymru llyw.cymru/brexit neu cysylltwch â Busnes Cymru sy'n cynnig gwybodaeth, cyngor a chefnogaeth gan  gysylltu â llinell gymorth Busnes Cymru ar 03000 6 03000;
  • Cwblhewch becyn cymorth hunanasesiad Brexit lle y gallwch asesu pa mor barod ydych chi o fewn nifer o feysydd sy'n allweddol i fusnesau llyw.cymru/brexit/pecyn-cymorth-ar-brexit;
  • Dylech ystyried cyflwyno cais i Gronfa Cydnerthedd Brexit, sef cronfa rwyf wedi'i sefydlu i gefnogi busnesau i wynebu'r costau sydd ynghlwm wrth newidiadau o fewn economi Gymreig ar ôl Brexit llyw.cymru/brexit/cronfa-cydnerthedd-brexit.

Dim ond 73 diwrnod sydd i fynd felly gorau po gyntaf.  Mae angen i ni gynllunio, addasu ac arloesi er mwyn sicrhau bod busnesau yng Nghymru'n gwbl barod ar gyfer Brexit, waeth beth fydd y sefyllfa ar 29 Mawrth.


Yn gywir

Ken Skates AC/AM

Gweinidog yr Economi a Thrafnidiaeth / Minister for Economy and Transport